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Being a family owned and managed business with our own vacation rental properties, this is our playground.  We are diligent at listening and responding to guests and homeowners thus providing us with considerable advantages in the marketplace. With our documented occupancy rates averaging as high as 65% - 75% yearly, we are quickly becoming regarded as the local experts when it comes to meeting the vacation home rental needs of families seeking quality rentals.

Being the best informed about each area, our listing team at MSR Select Vacation Rentals looks forward to sharing their knowledge of each area with visiting guests.  Our team is somewhat different than what you find elsewhere.  We use a true team approach in making vacations a success for all who choose to place their confidence in MSR Select Vacation Rentals listed properties.

MSR Select Vacation Rentals (MSR) knows the vacation home rental business and we love what we do.  From an economic point of view, we know from experience that large families benefit substantially when renting vacation homes in lieu of several hotel rooms to comfortably accommodate everyone.  A few years ago it was a real challenge since rental homes where uncommon, but times have changed.  Now, more and more vacationers are opting for that unique feeling of being in your very own  home away from home .  With that experience at hand and knowing exactly what we wanted for ourselves, we set out to provide practical, yet exceptional vacation homes for families or large groups who prefer to stay together and play together. 

Consistently, our mission has been to provide the best quality vacation homes.  MSR is exclusively dedicated to the rental of vacation homes all year around not just for a season. 

Feel free to contact with any questions and/or concerns. We are here to make sure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible!

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