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RESERVATION/SECURITY DEPOSIT - Renter(s) reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of a refundable security deposit and owner approval. Peak period bookings generally require a larger refundable security deposit. Monthly bookings require 25% deposit as well as the damage deposit due at time of booking. Deposit will be held pending determination that upon departure Renter(s) have left the Vacation Property and contents in the same condition it was upon arrival, and there are no outstanding charges i.e. telephone, extraordinary cleaning services, repairs, damage, loss of inventory, excessive use of electricity, etc. at which time it will be refunded or credited back to the Renter(s) credit card, less any outstanding charges, within 5 business days from departure. In the unlikely event of additional cost over the security deposit, Renter(s) will be notified and billed appropriately.

Full rental payment must be received no later than 60 days prior to arrival or reservation may be cancelled without refund unless the reservation is made less than 60 days from the actual rental date, in which case payment is due at the time of reservation. As a courtesy, we offer a payment plan when applicable. If you select the payment plan 50% of the rental payment will be due 60 days prior to arrival and the balance will be due 30 days from arrival. Please note the cancellation policy remains the same whether the payment plan is chosen or not. If the Vacation Property Renter(s) reserved becomes not suitable or not available for occupancy, Renter(s) will be advised and relocated to a similar property or offered a full refund. Under no circumstances would Owners' liability exceed the rental amount paid.

DAMAGE AGREEMENT - Renter(s) are individually and severally liable and otherwise fully responsible for any and ALL Renter(s)/invitee(s) caused damages incurred to the Vacation Property, including, but not limited to all adjacent structures and premises, throughout the entire duration of their stay of occupancy. This includes, but is not limited to intentional and/or unintentional removal of Owners' and/or accidental damage to structure(s) and premises including, but not expressly limited to any and all fixtures, appliances and furnishings. Renter(s) deposit shall be charged at full cost of repair and/or current replacement, including labor and materials, removal and disposal, plus taxes and surcharges, as applicable.

EXCESSIVE GARBAGE & CLEANLINESS OF HOME - Renter(s) deposit shall be charged at full cost to return property to a rent able state. All debris, rubbish, and discards must be placed in garbage bag(s) and placed in the proper receptacles as indicated in each home. Soiled dishes must be placed in the dishwasher and cleaned. All dirty laundry must be placed on top of the washing machine. Unlike hotels, vacation rental properties must be returned to the owner in a reasonable state. Any and all additional excess cleanup will be charged against the security deposit.

HOME MAINTENANCE/HOLD HARMLESS - No guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding suitability or fit ability for any particular purpose. Owners do guarantee that appropriate repair and/or replacement will be performed as soon as possible under prevailing circumstances. As such, it is the Renter(s) responsibility to immediately notify Owners/Agent of any and all difficulties that they incur during their stay so that appropriate repairs/replacements can be scheduled and performed during their stay.

Inconveniences under which we may have no immediate control and which DO NOT warrant any refund of rental monies include: (1) breakdown of TV's, hot tubs, pools and/or other appliances/devices, (2) power outages, (3) adverse road and/or weather conditions, (4) construction taking place in the area, (5) Vacation Property is not decorated and/or otherwise accommodated to suit the Renter(s) individual/personal taste(s).

Owners shall not be held liable nor otherwise responsible in any way for allergic recreations to it Renter(s) and/or invitee(s), caused or permitted to be caused by materials utilized in the manufacture of the Vacation Property and/or its contents, nor from mold and/or airborne spores, nor from pet/animal allergens, nor from chemical agents including, but not limited to appliances, linens, carpeting, utensils, fixtures, hot tubs and/or to other equipment.

By written or electronic endorsement of this Agreement, Renter(s)/invitee(s) hereby agree to forever hold-harmless and indemnify Owners from any liability/responsibility arising there from.

ATTORNEYS FEE/DEFAULT - If any legal action or proceeding (including default, non-payments, etc.) arising out of or related to this Agreement is brought by either party to this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive from the other party, in addition to all other relief that may be granted, the reasonable attorney's fees, costs and expenses incurred in the action or proceeding by the prevailing party. The jurisdiction for any legal action or proceeding will be the State of Florida.

FORMS OF PAYMENT - The reservation/security deposit is preferred to be made through credit card: Visa, MasterCard or Discover to facilitate the refund process. All remaining payments can be made through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Certified Check.

CANCELLATION POLICY - For Peak Date (Holidays & Events) or Monthly booking cancellations made more than 120 days before your arrival date, you will receive your reservation/security deposit (minus $50 processing fee) and any rental payment returned; 120 days or less, entails forfeiture of all rental payments and reservation/security deposit if another renter, with similar terms cannot be found. The determination of 'similar replacement' will be the owners' alone.

For Non-Peak booking cancellations made more than 60 days before your arrival date, you will receive your reservation/security deposit (minus $50 processing fee) and any rental payment returned; 60 days or less, entails forfeiture of all rental payments and reservation/security deposit if another renter, with similar terms cannot be found. The determination of 'similar replacement' will be the owners' alone.

OCCUPANTS - No more than twelve (12) people are allowed to occupy the Vacation Property. Occupancy over ten (10) will incur a $100 charge for each occupant up to fourteen (14). At least one (1) occupant must be over the age of 25 and sign the rental agreement.

RESPECT FOR NEIGHBORS - There is an enforced quiet time year round of 10pm to respect the neighbors. Concerning having guests in the home; absolutely no large parties. Parties in excess of 15 people without prior owner consent are prohibited. Should the owners receive noise complaints or the authorities are summoned to the home, the penalty would entail an automatic forfeiture of deposit and the Renter(s) and/or their invitees will be subject to immediate forced eviction from the Vacation Properties.

ARRIVAL is any time after 4:00 PM on arrival date and strictly enforced. You will be charged $50 per hour for all hours prior to 4:00 PM if found occupying the home without consent.

ARRIVAL DUTIES require you to check your home upon arrival. Every effort is made to see that the home is in proper order before your arrival.

DURING YOUR STAY you will be provided with linens, towels and beach towels. There is a welcome booklet in the home that describes the area and also indicates where you can locate the nearest supermarket, propane gas refill location, hospital and police station. Note - Please do not take bathroom towels or comforters to the beach.

DEPARTURE time is strictly enforced and is no later than 11:00 AM on your departure date when the property should be available for inspection/cleaning. Any exceptions must have prior approval from Owners. Failure to vacate the Vacation Property on the scheduled date of departure by our established check-out time of 11:00 AM shall result in immediate assessment of a fee equivalent to the sum of one (1) additional nights' rental rate, plus tax, with all such costs being charged against the Renter(s) deposit and the Renter(s) and/or their invitees will be subject to immediate eviction from the Vacation Properties.

DEPARTURE DUTIES require you leave the home generally in the same order as your arrival.

RULES & REGULATIONS - NO PETS & NO SMOKING in the property. In order to preserve the integrity of the rental property, we ask that it be occupied in a quiet and dignified manner, protecting the premises and its contents against damage, loss or theft with adherence to all the rules and regulations of the City of Hollywood and the Owners. Renter(s) not in compliance may be asked to vacate the premises and/or may be subject to forfeiture of rental and/or deposit money.


  1. There is no lifeguard on duty. Persons using a vacation home pool or pool/spa do so at their own risk and the Owners assume no responsibility for accident or injury. Your vacation home is equipped with a pool or a pool/spa that is heated by the pool's electric heat pump; when heated the maximum temperature for the pool is 87°F.

  2. Please understand that it is not possible to guarantee the temperature of the pool or spa which to some degree is dependent on the local weather. Guests should note that electrically heated pumps will warm a pool or spa on a Florida home to the operating temperature of 75-87 degrees Fahrenheit in 24-48 hours - depending upon the ambient air temperature. Electrical pool heaters utilize a heat exchange pump. If the outside temperature at your vacation home drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, then the pool heater will not operate, and the pool/spa will not be heated. If the overnight temperature drops below 50, the pool/spa may not be able to return to the operating temperature range during the following day.

  3. Guests should also note that pool heat cannot be guaranteed, as sometimes mechanical devices fail, or environmental factors will not allow the pools/spas to be heated. Guests must notify the owner of failure of pool heat on the day of occurrence, so that the temperature or the equipment can be checked by personnel.

  4. Owners will do their best to keep it operational; however, they cannot guarantee its operation all or any of the time of occupancy. Renter(s) should inspect on arrival. Owners will not be responsible to clean the pool/spa during Renter(s) stay; however normal maintenance of pool/spa service will be continued and Renter(s) must allow pool service staff entry to pool area.

SWING SET DISCLAIMER/ASSUMPTION OF RISK - Designed for children, persons using the swing set do so at their own risk and the Owners assume no responsibility for accident or injury.

BARBECUE FEE - When provided, barbecues are for our guest's enjoyment. Please be careful when using the equipment and clean up any spills straight away. The barbecue and surrounding area must be left in a clean and satisfactory condition. If the Owners deem the grill and area are left dirty, an extra cleaning charge will be made and deducted from the security deposit.

CLEANING FEE - A departure cleaning fee is required for all reservation periods. There will be an additional cleaning fee if house is not found in reasonable order.

PARKING - NO Commercial vehicles allowed to park on rental property ground.

KEYS - Home has a keyless entry system and the code will be provided upon full payment of reservation.

TROPICAL CLIMATE - Guest understands that insects, rodents and lizards unfortunately flourish in tropical environments. Guests understand that the Owner makes their best effort to hold to an absolute minimum your interaction with these pests. Contact with a pest inside or outside of the home does not constitute a reason for termination of the agreement nor is it a reason for a refund of your monies. Any issues regarding pests must be reported immediately to allow the Owner to have a reasonable amount of time to address the issue during your stay. Any issues presented AFTER check out cannot be remedied and are not cause for compensation to Guest.

STORM POLICY - No refund will be given unless: A: The National Weather Service orders mandatory evacuations in a "Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning" area and/ or B: A mandatory evacuation order has been given for the "Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning" area of residence of a vacationing guest. The day that the National Weather Service orders mandatory evacuation order in a "Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning" area, we will refund: (1) Any used portion of rent from guest currently registered; (2) Any used portion of rent from a guest who is scheduled to arrive and wants to shorten their stay to come in after the Hurricane Warning is lifted; and (3) Any advance rents collected or deposited for a reservation that is scheduled to arrive during the Hurricane Warning period.